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Designing Peace of Mind for IT

With secure managed services that eliminate IT headaches.
Say Goodbye to Headaches

Managing IT is a Headache

From legacy applications and systems to outdated architectures and platforms — enterprise IT is full of bugs and problems that are just waiting to be tripped over. Probably during the worst possible moment.


Whether you need some preventative maintenance or recovery during an emergency, you’re in the right place. We help companies like yours by managing your infrastructure so that you can focus on the more important and innovative aspects of your business.

You can offload complete environments or just get support for the problem areas. We’re flexible because we know that every environment is different and you have different priorities and needs. We can help with things like

  • Public and Private Cloud services
  • Server, Desktop Virtualization
  • Business Continuity and Recovery
  • Firewall Security
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • and so much more.

Restore some peace and balance into your life. If it’s considered enterprise IT, we’ve seen and fixed it all. With over 15 years of experience and features in places like CIO magazine, when you work with us, you’re working with the best technologists in the business.

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Welcome to SereneIT.

One of the best partner decisions we’ve made! During the process of reviewing companies that provide IT design and support, Greg made an outstanding impression by exuding a tremendous amount of knowledge and making relevant recommendations that were creatively customized considering our culture, needs for flexibility, and our long-term growth objectives. We immediately began to realize efficiencies from implementing [SereneIT’s] recommendations to evolve our systems and advance our processes, and we’ve continued to benefit from the attentive client service we receive.

— Cari Pirello, Executive Vice President, Marketing Workshop

Why Work with Us?


We use common tools and methodologies across the entire managed environment.


You need to focus on your business. We’ll focus 100% on making your IT run peacefully.


Stop being reactive. We’ll proactively manage your environment: installing patches and updating firmware before it causes your headaches.


We’ll help you plan for the future, spot potential problems, and help you prevent problems before they occur.