An IT Engineering Firm
for the Next Generation

Our team transforms systems to reflect modern innovation, manages and protects client organizations’ infrastructure and data, and creates and maintains predictive infrastructure with patent-pending automation.

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Advise & Design
Ensure the success of your IT expansion with innovation that transforms your infrastructure, data center, and operations.
We take an engineering-first approach that provides best-in-class design insights to specifically meet consumer business requirements. You get a plan for confident transition to next-generation environments implemented through best-in-class ISVs and hardware.
Transform & Automate
Transition from traditional speed and feed IT playbooks to self-healing, self-optimizing, self-managing, and predictive infrastructure.
We help you integrate ML-driven infrastructure with modern automation and orchestration frameworks. You get accelerated time to value with competitive automation solutions and integrations that can be launched through your own self-service catalog.
Focus on your business priorities by offloading daily management and monitoring headaches.
We have the expertise and scale to deliver services your way, whether it be on-prem, on-demand, or as-a-service. You get peace of mind with our Managed SIEM and MDR services that support your modern management practices.
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SereneIT Approach

Standardized for a Multi-Vendor Solution

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Traditional Applications and Infrastructure

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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Internet of Things Devices

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Cloud-Native and Hybrid Application Delivery

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Big Data and High-Performance Compute

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Private Cloud Infrastructure

About SereneIT

Next Generation IT Engineering

Integrator of Infrastructure with AI, Automation, and Orchestration

Founded in 2017 by HPE Distinguished Technologist.
IT Engineering firm helping clients accelerate their Automation and orchestration transformation.

Headquarters in Milton, Georgia. Global footprint.
Innovative IAC/CMP solutions that help customers reduce costs & increase agility for the modern IT expansion.