Organizations run on their data now more than ever. And in many industries, that data is growing exponentially by the day.

The problem is: it can be extremely costly and time-consuming for IT teams to constantly manage and scale infrastructure to accommodate that data. Even worse: when human errors inevitably occur, it can derail your operations and potentially lead to a data center outage or a major data-loss incident.

The traditional methods of data center storage management aren’t just inefficient – they’re also risky.

Data center automation can remove these risks and significantly improve efficiency. By automating the time-consuming tasks of storage management, businesses can free up IT resources, scale faster and focus more on the big picture.

What is data center automation? – what is it?

Data center automation refers to the practice of automating processes and systems within your data center, including server, network and storage components.

Traditionally, managing these systems requires a series of routine workflows and processes performed by skilled IT personnel. But with automation software, these processes can be significantly streamlined and accelerated, and the mistake-prone human element can be taken out of the picture.

For the purposes of this post, we’ll be focusing more specifically on storage automation.

Storage automation

Storage automation is the process of automating storage devices and configuration in a data center, including:

  • Management of storage area networks (SANs)
  • Storage provisioning
  • Deployment and scaling
  • Optimization
  • Data remediation and segmentation

Key advantages

A fast-growing business requires an agile storage infrastructure. But maintaining that agility is increasingly difficult (especially at the enterprise level) when your data is exploding across multiple clouds and data centers.

For larger organizations, monitoring and managing that storage has become an enormous investment and a constraint on growth.

This is where storage automation can deliver numerous benefits:

  • Eliminating manual, time-consuming tasks for managing data storage.
  • Removing the human element and the risk of costly errors.
  • Faster deployment of storage devices and SAN expansion.
  • Streamlined provisioning and assigning of storage.
  • Easier, faster optimization of the SAN.
  • Greater insight, visibility and control of data center storage.
  • Faster time to value and reduced total cost of ownership.

By freeing IT resources and significantly reducing the need for mundane tasks, your IT teams can focus more on big-picture strategies that drive business growth.


How does storage automation work?

The automation is powered by software, which uses orchestration to perform a wide range of processes that traditionally require numerous complex (and tedious) tasks.

Intelligent software not only removes the need for human involvement, but also works smarter by automatically prioritizing tasks and processes as needed for system efficiency and resource usage.

Our solutions

At SereneIT, our automation solutions can help to dramatically increase efficiency of your storage, network and server management, across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure.

Our solutions leverage powerful automation technologies, including:

  • Ansible / Red Hat
  • Terraform and Packer
  • VMware & VRealize Automation (vRA)

We work closely with you to identify and eliminate the inefficiencies and limitations of your siloed legacy systems, while also optimizing for the future. Our custom-fit automation solutions help you reduce human error, maximize IT resources and accelerate results.

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