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Digital transformation is disrupting every industry

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Are you Ready for the Impending Digital Transformation?

While media, retail, and travel have already embraced modern digital trends, many manufacturing, legal, and insurance organizations still have a long way to go. Modernizing digital systems is quickly becoming a necessity in every industry.


Whether you fall into the “already transformed” or the “soon to be” category, your infrastructure needs sustainable automation, orchestration, and management services to relieve the complications and bottlenecks that plague ineffective IT expansion.


If you’re not taking steps to modernize now, then you’re already being left behind by your competition.

How Digital Transformation Accelerates Time to Value

Hybrid IT is changing quickly.

As IT processes continue to evolve, you must span critical gaps to evolve with it, lest your infrastructure fade into obscurity. In a world that demands “bigger, better, faster,” time to value is non-negotiable, and your legacy infrastructure can’t keep up.

To keep up with the real-world demands of your business, your hybrid infrastructure needs to be optimized for security, business continuity, and disaster recovery. Additionally, DevOps teams should be working towards fully leveraging the power and efficiency of orchestration and containerization to minimize error and quicken results.

Speed and Access Through the Intelligent Edge

The delivery of your critical data and applications is also changing, as is the speed at which they need to be available.

Once your digital transformation is underway, modernized architectures become an intelligent, agile framework for your applications and data—making them the driving force of your business efforts.


Flexible network sharing and ubiquitous connectivity provide:

Reliable performance, better customer experiences, context-aware data analysis, adaptive-trust security, and more.


Open up new lines of communication with customers, increase work productivity through connectivity, and allow collaboration between digital and physical analytics using:

Mobile applications, globally-connected network devices, IoT devices (e.g. beacons, sensors, geo-positioning systems), and more.

SereneIT Solves for Digital Transformation
in a Hybrid World

As a next generation IT engineering firm, we have the added expertise and flexibility to deliver IT transformation with on-demand IT-as-a-Service.

We tailor hybrid solutions based on our extensive research into your company’s current infrastructure and pain points. We consider processes and products requiring modernization, your business goals, and industry best practices. With our meticulous diagnosis and collaborative planning period complete, we stand ready to implement practical solutions.

We study the problem first, not the product.

Traditional IT firms and value-added resellers often shoehorn prefabricated solutions into their recommendations for solving your personal IT challenges. In contrast, and above all, we are an engineering firm. Our business philosophy is fundamentally different because we customize and optimize hybrid solutions so that our software and hardware solve your business problem first. That is the SereneIT difference—our goal is to help you feel secure throughout (and well after) the modernization process.

We believe that there are three primary
areas of digital transformation:

Hybrid IT
Hybrid IT

Optimize Applications and Operations

Implement DevOps practices to deliver new apps and services

Deliver IT-as-a-Service for speed and agility

Protect operations through IT resilience, security automation, and orchestration

Data & Analytics
Data & Analytics

Focus on your business priorities by offloading daily management and monitoring headaches.

We have the expertise and scale to deliver services your way, whether it be on-prem, on-demand, or as-a-service. You get peace of mind with our managed SIEM and MDR services that support your modern management practices.


Transition from traditional speed and feed IT playbooks to self-healing, self-optimizing, self-managing, and predictive infrastructure.

We help you integrate infrastructure with modern automation and orchestration frameworks. You get accelerated time to value with competitive automation solutions and integrations.

How Does SereneIT
Implement Hybrid IT?

Traditional infrastructure does not allow for the flexibility, security, efficiency, and peace of mind that modern hybrid architectures provide, but total cloud conversions are often unrealistically expensive for most companies. As such, our on-demand implementation and pricing models allow you to take advantage of both worlds for your unique hybrid infrastructure needs.

After studying your environments, we will determine the right combination of powerful hardware, software, and services to walk you through your digital transformation from start to finish. Our in-house expertise and strategic partnerships allow us to deliver the highest quality services and technology to solve your modernization challenges.

Bringing Peace of Mind

SereneIT doesn’t just deliver, install, and then leave—we take the time to empower your IT teams through dedicated education and hands-on instruction so that you can self-support the solution sustainably. If at any point a problem arises that your teams need additional help to mitigate, then our engineering workbench will be ready to re-engage quickly.

Best-in-Class Products

From Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), to reliable hardware manufacturers, to innovative cloud platform owners, we choose our partners with great care. We only select vendors whom we have intensely vetted and found to have tangible solutions and support services that directly complement the needs of our clients.

We partner with well-known industry leaders …

Microsoft Azure
Micro Focus
F5 Networks
Red Hat

… and curate a new generation of high-impact companies and solutions.


Narrowing the Field to Drive
Value – Modernization of IT

To ease the transition to a digital-first world, the advisory services from SereneIT remain strictly top stack agnostic. We consult for and automate any hardware stack our clients have in production, but if you need specific hardware recommendations, we specialize in HPE and the surrounding ecosystem.

We design our hardware recommendations with your business drivers in mind, creating modern, modular solutions with minimum disruption. These designs allow you to:

  • Consolidate and collapse the complexity of operations
  • Deliver policy-based consumption
  • Provide data resiliency


Data has become your most valuable resource.

As a result, more intelligent storage has become essential in modern enterprise IT. You want your business-driving applications to remain available so that you can present them to the right people at the right time—you have to be able to manipulate your data to leverage it well.

Admittedly, this requires a large amount of storage capacity, and tiered storage can be challenging to manage. You have to decide what data goes where and how fast you need to be able to recover it, which is no easy task when done manually. We will help you determine the right type of storage (block, file, or object) for your data, and design data asset management solutions to organize and surface it.

We will help you automate your storage infrastructure by addressing your specific capacity requirements, access needs, and compliance regulations.

Network & Compute

If you lose your data, you face critical failure, security ramifications, and business regression. Proper disaster recovery protocols and redundant infrastructure ensures that your data remains accessible, no matter the circumstance. We provide this assurance through our hardware and software replication solutions and Disaster Recovery as a Service offerings.

We’ll help you organize the delivery of your applications with network infrastructure that enables more intelligent allocation and traversal:

  • Policy-driven event handling

And compute that has the flexibility to support a variety of workload delivery methods:

  • Bare-metal Infrastructure
  • Virtualized Infrastructure
  • Container-based Application Delivery
  • High-Performance Computing

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