Automation and Orchestration

Our patent-pending automation solutions can reduce human error, drastically save IT personnel effort and resources, and hasten results in your environment.

It’s time for a better Cloud Management Platform.

The mundane tasks of datacenter and cloud maintenance are thwarting your in-house team’s ability to optimize for the future. You pay your employees well for a reason—for their industry expertise—and yet, with your current infrastructure, you are paying them to do busywork.

Leave behind the inefficiencies and the limitations of your siloed legacy systems. We will help you strategically plan, develop, and implement digital transformation solutions that directly address the factors that prevent you from moving forward.

Busywork Works Against Digital Transformation

Eradicate tedious busywork and your previous “reactive” business model with IT process automation and predictive task and security orchestration.

Your legacy infrastructure forces you and your team to stay “reactionary,” only responding to alerts when they occur (without the means to determine the root cause). We will help you establish automated alert and response protocols that enable the self-healing of your environment. But we go further by including root cause, forensic reporting so that you can remediate the issue entirely and prevent similar errors in the future.

Disruptive Innovation that Brings Peace of Mind: IT Process Automation.

Simplify your IT infrastructure management and establish yourself as an even more formidable competitor within your industry through IT process automation.

We help you diagnose and deliver custom-fit, IT process automation solutions—building and nurturing a well-balanced, self-healing corporate ecosystem through Infrastructure as Code (IAC) and Cloud Management Services (CMP) solutions.

Infrastructure as Code

Traditional infrastructure management gets the job done…eventually. You file a ticket; it sits in a ticket queue. Depending on the availability of the Help Desk staff, that ticket will next be logged manually into a management portal; it will then be assigned to the proper engineer—all of this unnecessary delay to provision a single unit in your infrastructure. When you were predominantly running simple VMware environments, this individual provisioning was manageable only because of the intrinsically limited scale of deployment for your VMs. Now that the industry is moving towards automated regression testing and deployment, you can’t keep up with point-and-click system administration.

In modern environments, the scale of infrastructure surpasses your legacy capabilities. Compared to legacy VMs that used to live for months to several years, current instances are much smaller and more agile—needing nearly constant provisioning (thanks DevOps and CI). Imagine eliminating the old point and click in favor of a dynamic, fluctuating environment that enables thousands of provisionings in a single day to drive production at peak demand. Moreover, because you are paying for what you use, you can scale down those instances during decreased demand. This increased provisioning is not manually possible, which is why Infrastructure as Code exists.

With Infrastructure as Code, you are now able to replicate the repetition (and limitations) of traditional point and click processes via API calls directly from your application. This form of automation allows you to seamlessly provision and scale-down thousands of instances at once. This agility also allows you to change how you’re using your infrastructure during off-peak hours. With orchestration and the right planning, you’ll utilize every cycle of your infrastructure and maximizing your power/performance efficiency no matter where you choose to host your workloads.

Cloud Management Platforms

To make the most of your hybrid environments, you need to know:
  • Where your workloads are running
  • Where you are over-or-under-utilizing resources
  • Whether you are meeting security & compliance standards (or not!)

But management and monitoring across multiple clouds can be overwhelming when you do not have the proper tools in place. Visibility helps, but without automation, you cannot operate efficiently or securely. You’ll end up drowning in data.

By combining our hands-on industry experience with a strategic network of software partners, you’ll receive a tailored combination of integrated cloud management software tools and services to run your hybrid environments.

  • Security Orchestration and Automation
  • Service Level Management
  • Cost Optimization
  • Compliance

Innovation Doesn’t Have to Be Complex to Be Effective

We make the promise of intelligent IT simplification into your reality.

Accelerate time to value (while protecting the enterprise) by shifting your focus from the traditional speed-and-feed IT playbook to a fully XaaS autonomous software-defined datacenter (SDDC). We will help you leverage automated, predictive infrastructure, integrated through advanced orchestration and automation.

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